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Silent One-Day Retreat
Silent One-Day Retreat
Silent One-Day Retreat

Silent One-Day Retreat

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Every last Sunday of the month Bluebirds is hosting a Silent Day Retreat that is lead by mindfulness trainer Nicoline Smalbraak.

Our Silent Retreat Days are a wonderful way to deepen your meditation practice and get to know yourself. Have you got any experience with meditation or yoga and are you curious what it would be like to experience silence for a longer time? Then this day is something for you!

This is a day where you will practice different types of meditation, mindful movement sequences, yoga nidra and a wonderful lunch. All in silence. A day to find a deep wisdom within the quietness of your soul.


The silent day retreat is an initiative of Bluebirds Manager Aniek Bengevoord and Mindfulness trainer Nicoline Smalbraak.

Aniek has discovered the power of silence in her own life. Conscious moments of silence, help to stay zen while managing the Bluebirds Studio’s. She wants to share the magic of what silence can do with all the Bluebirds members.

Nicoline has been a mindfulness teacher since 2014. She has helped more than 1000 people become more mindful and she is looking forward to help you bring more mindfulness into your life as well. 


This day is all about finding a deepening in your meditation practice.

There will be silence all day, except for the teacher.

Nicoline Smalbraak will guide you through all the different meditations and exercises.

Meditation & Mindful Movement will be interspersed with breaks to have time for yourself.

There will be a light vegan lunch, if you know from yourself you are very hungry, maybe pack some extra food.

The meditation hall can be quite cool, especially when sitting still for the most part of the day.

What to bring:

  • Warm socks or slippers
  • Warm blanket or nice sweater to wrap yourself in

Real self knowledge comes from within, we need to get silent to be able to listen.

Join us for a deepening of your practice and awakening of your soul


Every last Sunday of the month from 10:30-17:30 at Bluebirds Centrum (Prinsengracht 493).


24-11 theme: grounding

Grounding to find a solid base. That is what we’ll do on the 24th of November. With the month of December with all it’s peak emotional experiences (good or bad) around the corner, it’s nice to have a solid base within yourself. Being able to feel grounded in the midst of what life throws at us is one of the most important skills. Getting to know yourself is step one. Being comfortable with who you are is step two. When we feel at ease with who we are all things fall into place. Staying true to yourself, and find who that is in our Silent Retreat Day this November.

29-12 theme: reflection

Reflection on the times that passed. What really matters to you, what do you want to hold on to, what are you ready to let go? Clarity comes from looking inward, which is what we’ll do on the 29th of December. To look back on the year that has passed, onto ourselves and how we’ve grown as a person. To see where we find chances for ourselves to flourish and live fully. Finding out how we’ve spend our year is the most important step into realizing where we can be proud and where we can learn. Let this be your conscious endeavor, to end the year with reflection. Come join us at the end of the year for this special Silent Retreat Day.

26-1 theme: persistence

New goals, wishes and dreams. We start of our year with so much energy and hope for whatever our life will bring this time around. We’ll practice getting into persistence on the 26th of January. Most people start the year with resolutions, by the end of January most of those have perished.. or at least we’ve lost our grip on them. Stuck in our old patterns it’s hard to change. So what if we can get conscious of the ways in which we think, speak and act? What if we can bring this awareness into our daily life and change from within? Stay true to your dreams with this Silent Retreat Day at the start of the year.


The price for the Silent day retreat and vegan lunch is  €95.

The price for a duo ticket is €170.